Mary Burkholder is a pastor's wife, mom of five, homemaker and author.

She was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Her mom homeschooled her for twelve years and inspired in her a love of reading and writing.

Mary married Lyndon, her favorite person who still makes her laugh, in 2005. In 2006, they moved to southwestern Mississippi where they make their home. They attend Darbun Mennonite Church where Lyndon has taught school and is now a pastor. Their five children have all been born in the warm and friendly deep south.

Mary enjoys people, solitude, well-written books—especially non-fiction, memoirs and classics—coffee, and the escape of writing. She has written many short stories, two devotional books, and her latest book is non-fiction for mothers.

Mary’s first story was published in a Christian Light Publications Sunday school paper when she was sixteen. She published it under a pen name and promptly told all her friends that it was her story. She remembers especially the pride of both her grandmas in her achievement. She taught school two years and stopped teaching to write a devotional book the year before she was married. She was astonished and gratified when Christian Light Publications accepted it and made her a real author at the age of twenty-two.

She spent hours writing during the first year of their marriage, which included stories and articles for Sunday school papers, a children’s newspaper column in a local paper, and a book of short stories for teenagers—A Kind of Courage, published by Christian Light Publications.

About seven years into her marriage, Christian Light Publications published her book, Discovering My Place, a devotional book for wives.

In September 2019, she self-published a book for mothers, My Other Name Is Mom.