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My Other Name is Mom

Do you ever feel like being a mom is boring and unimportant? Do you feel unappreciated in your home and dream of doing more important things?

My Other Name Is Mom is written by a mother of young children who answers her own questions about the value of motherhood. Just because current culture places a premium on women in the workplace does not mean our role has become less important. In fact, the value of a stay-at-home mom becomes more precious as more women have less children and spend more time in the workplace. Mary offers a realistic look at what motherhood means to family, to society, and addresses many common problems moms struggle with: inferiority, guilt, frustration, anger, and exhaustion. Included are two of the common struggles in the marriages of parents; a brief look at the history of feminism; and how our culture devalues the role of women in the world.

Praise for My Other Name is Mom

I really enjoyed your book and thought you were just ‘right on’. J. P.

I am really enjoying your book for Moms! I would like to get one for each of my daughters and daughters-in-law for a gift! C. W.

I really enjoyed your writing on feminism. I have struggled with feeling like my role in the home isn’t important. I need all the encouragement I can get in that area. C. M.

I just want to thank you for the book you wrote “My Other Name Is Mom”. I’m enjoying it and I’m getting one for each of my married girls. It’s so good and real to life. L. B.

Thank you for the encouraging book. I can connect with so so much of it. S. E.

I got your book read and I really liked it. I think it helped me to see that it’s ok to not be a perfect mom because that’s real life and even if it’s not perfect it doesn’t have to be horrible. S. W.

Thank you for having the courage to write the book. D. W.

I wanted to tell you how refreshing your book is. I’m not finished yet, but I’ve said YES out loud more times than I can count. K. M.

I so appreciate the “down-to-earth” look at motherhood and family and the emphasis to accept our stage of life and take the time for what is really important. C. K.

I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing in that way…what a blessing! T. M.