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My Other Name is Mom

This book is not a child-training manual. It does not offer more ways to discipline, more things you ought to be doing, and showcase every place you’re failing. My Other Name Is Mom meets you where you are in your mothering journey and offers hope and encouragement. Written by a mother of young children, this book is incredibly honest about the joys and discouragements of training and caring for children.
It begins by laying out the biblical foundation of the importance of being a stay-at-home mom and explores ways our feministic culture may influence our thinking. Though there are many rewards in being a mom, motherhood is not consistently fun and easy. Sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes we get stuck in the exhausted moment and have trouble staying focused. We may feel guilty for our inadequacies and for not loving our role more. But being a mom is not primarily about having a good time.
Mary offers realistic encouragement for dealing with worry, mommy guilt, supermom syndrome, housekeeping-overwhelm and more

Mary's Other Books

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Journey Into God's Will

Mary’s first book, written at age twenty-one, contains devotional reflections from her personal journey to know and serve God better. It is intended to inspire young women in the age bracket of mid-teens through early twenties.

A Kind of Courage

Twenty short stories for young teenagers, both boys and girls. These stories outline common struggles youth encounter and portray characters making courageous choices to do right.

Discovering My Place

A book for wives, written in devotional style. This book originated from personal reflection on what being a godly, submissive wife involves. It includes thoughts on the scripture passages directed to wives, lessons from wives in the Bible, and virtues to grow in.


Mary Burkholder is a pastor's wife, mom of five, homemaker, and author. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She married Lyndon Burkholder in 2005. In 2006, they moved to Tylertown Mississippi where they have lived for thirteen years. They attend Darbun Mennonite Church.

Mary enjoys people, books, coffee and writing. She has written devotionals, non-fiction, and short stories.

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