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The Girl Inside

In a world of contradictory messages to young women, how can a Christian girl know what is true? Cultural influence says you are what you look like. Social pressures say your behavior doesn’t matter. But God says the hidden person of the heart is the most important. Have you wondered:

  • Is my body good enough?
  • How can I know if I’m flirting?
  • Should I feel guilty for fantasizing and crushing on boys?
  • Why can’t I get along with my mother?
  • What if I stay single all my life?
  • How can I know what God wants me to do right now? 

This book explores such questions—and others—from a biblical perspective, inspiring young women to make choices that will nurture The Girl Inside.

Praise for The Girl Inside

You have done an outstanding job! I especially read Chapter 15 with great interest. At thirty-four and single myself, I connected deeply with what you wrote, and your words blessed and refreshed me. Thank you. It was a lovely change from the normal platitudes married people tend to write about singles. - A. F.

I read your book and was very inspired. I love the way you explain everything. And everything made sense. I'm only 14 so not everything applied but a lot did. - K. L.

I highly recommend The Girl Inside. The author captivated my attention with honest, well-written, connectable guidance on the stuff we ladies face. In fact, the book steps into subjects we all wonder about, but rarely hear about. It’s a must-read for every young lady, and a valuable resource for older ones too. A. N.

Recently I was loaned a copy of your book and really enjoyed it... even if I am a little above the intended audience in age. I appreciated the practical advice on so many areas, realistically given. I especially appreciated that you were willing to tackle so many of these girl topics as a conservative author. R. L.
Thank you for writing such an excellent book for young women. I found it very interesting and inspiring. S. Y.
Thanks for writing it, it is well written, packed full with a bunch of advice I wish I would have known a long time ago! A. H.