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My Other Name Is Mom

This was the book I needed thirty years ago. It might well be exactly what you need right now. Dorcas Smucker--author of Sunlight Through Dusty Windows

Being called Mom by little people is wonderful; it is also challenging, and at times, overwhelming. It is likely not as fun or easy as it seemed to be before we had children. The responsibility is unrelenting: every day we wake up and do many of the same things. The children are often more complicated and less-happy than we expected. We worry whether we're getting it right. Sometimes we even want to quit.

Children need a mom at home, but our culture has devalued the role of stay-at-home Moms. The influence of feminism has made being a 'normal' Mom look next to worthless. Pressure from "super moms"--moms who work and raise a family-- pushes the performance level for all mothers higher. Social media tends to leave a false impression of motherhood: Look; we're having a great time at the park! or We're doing crafts today! And so on. Anxiety builds as we scroll through pictures of fun lunches, amazing birthday parties, and all those smiles. We just wish we had enough energy to get the house cleaned; enough inspiration to know what to do about the fighting and crying, which apparently our children are the only ones doing.

My Other Name is Mom looks at God's design for families; explores how cultural changes affect us; and faces the realities of tears and tantrums, exhaustion and discouragement in the context of God's plan.

Praise for My Other Name is Mom

I really enjoyed your book and thought you were just ‘right on’. J. P.

I am really enjoying your book for Moms! I would like to get one for each of my daughters and daughters-in-law for a gift! C. W.

I really enjoyed your writing on feminism. I have struggled with feeling like my role in the home isn’t important. I need all the encouragement I can get in that area. C. M.

I just want to thank you for the book you wrote “My Other Name Is Mom”. I’m enjoying it and I’m getting one for each of my married girls. It’s so good and real to life. L. B.

Thank you for the encouraging book. I can connect with so so much of it. S. E.

The relatability of this book made me laugh. Mary does an excellent job with a difficult subject. Not only are there already too many words about motherhood, it is a minefield of hidden pain among us womenfolk. Encouraging, biblical, and very quotable. -L. H.

Thank you for having the courage to write the book. D. W.

I wanted to tell you how refreshing your book is. I’m not finished yet, but I’ve said YES out loud more times than I can count. K. M.

I so appreciate the “down-to-earth” look at motherhood and family and the emphasis to accept our stage of life and take the time for what is really important. C. K.